I am with you, legend

it’s too cold to sort things out
 and I love the chill that rolls into my elbows
              but lost and found is so hard
          and I don’t want to be confused over myself anymore
     the exterior of warmth and hospitality
                creating the berlin wall over the rest of it –
       heartache in eighty ways,
           the snap of emotions turning on a dime
   “I’m with you -“, she plays over the speakers,
                   and it’s the first time I’ve felt connected
             traveling down this hellish road
          named after my feelings
                and thoughts –

   just trying to remember that legends never die
          always written down in the stars
       hand in hand with eternity;
                  always forgetting the cost –
          suffer through harm, that’s when the world
     calls out your name –
                               pull it together
                               keep it together
                               pick yourself up …

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