canadian autumn magic

   Welcome home, the Earth says
              as the equinox draws closer
         the autumn is bountiful;
                   like sliding into a hot spring
         after the hectic summer.
                                     There is always magic in the air
   when September brings its colors forth,
         waving its flag proudly, cheers erupting joyously.
           We change over to hold the trees closer
          together, waters cold and sparkling like mercury
     bursts of fragrance lingering every day;
                                    oh what wonders await us,
                                 hidden in the soil, succulent in history.
       The autumn is meant for tender mystery,
                                   rapturous renewal and empowered passion.
                               Nothing but good can come from the
                                         richness that fills your lungs
                   when the leaves turn and the skies glow
                            like jack-o’-lanterns and church candles.
                   How does one describe the lush sensation
                            of starting anew, with the mountains soaring
                    the trees crooning, the rivers gamboling,
                                              and our hearts braving?
               The fall often reminds me that my home
                         is wherever the mountains are
                      when the harvest moon paints its peaks
          with the succulent strokes, reminiscent
                                         of van Gogh’s brilliant mind.

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