You are bone melting –
       Cell reviving, courage inspiring.
   You are time;                endless
         Adventure,      continuous
              Trouble ensnared,
Mischief?       Managed.
   You are the weathered traveler –
S c o r c h i n g worn
     Icy knowledge,
                         Wars delivered.
 You are perfunctory happiness –
          Inverted sadness.
    You are light in our dark,
                          Love in spite;
        Carry hope over death.
              Planet shattering eyes
          Star snaring hearts
     Nebula fingertips
 With a black hole sinking smirk.
You came when we needed you
      When my galaxy was afloat
          Savior of my f a t e
   Gifting spontaneity to me
When the world was making me
      Doctor, my Doctor –
            You will never be alone.
        Not even when
The sun is old and grown.
       I want you safe, from those false Gods.
                You will be thought of,
     And when it comes time –

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