Author’s note: A long read.

to begin,
you open your heart
and let in the universe –



      the fabric of humankind is a connection
one we must offer, reach out for;
we are not lonely souls
      we are, in fact, determined to do better
          and touch the hearts that are around us,
                  because who we are is defined
     not but the lining in our pockets
                  but the love we put in each other’s hands     



        if you were a child like me,
            you were taught the stars hold more than fire
     that hundreds of thousands of lives
            careened around us, dazzling with memories
          the happiness they resided in
          the sorrows they had experienced
                      but if you were a child like me,
                 you will remember that those lives
          are looking down on us, right now
                        to guide us, protect us.
              and we will be there one day too,
                        you and I.



           there is a word for the love that fills us in
                  when we feel like we are broken
             and for us to feel it, tangible in our hearts
        hands joined around you to make you safe;
                           telltale in the smile on your face
                 it is a wonder to be loved.

avra kehdabra


        the laying of the tiles began nineteen years ago
    in a mind or two, shaped with the idea that
            if we put us together, we can become more;
       a fragment of glass, a stitching of cotton,
                reveal a splash of paint and the sketch of a pen –

         when you envision a mosaic,
                you conglomerate the most unique traits
            of the world, perhaps the galaxy;
                     the many colours of us, the community
                riveting in the lines of code that change like
         stained glass in a thunderstorm or a god ray.


      people have the long dream 
         of wanting to be remembered, when they have passed 
           to the realm of adventures
   but the warmest emotion we can feel
                 is the words that remind us that we are here now
          and loved;
                         so why wouldn’t you want to share with others?



            we each are both a chapter, a page,
                     the prologue or epilogue in someone’s tale
       and sometimes when we are lucky
            we become what people would call a dog ear;
                          the memory, the feeling, the person
                  that they want to keep, to remember
      it’s funny how our library is all the same
                            and yet different – 
            why, isn’t that what friends are for?



           heavy muscles pull our hearts
                   and their weight,
              to say poetry in motion
          is but one thing, is remiss
                             it is all around us;

        but in this moment,
                         snowfelt, fragile blankets and 
             moments of meditation
            go deeper than just vision and taste
  it relies on the body to capture
                 the beauty that encapsulates
         where we are,
              with the hands we hold tenderly
                              right now



               and sometimes
      the most precious of things in life
              are the ones people take for granted;

      a family, walk in the door and
           the warm feeling of belonging –

      creating, the joy of bringing life
              to a screen, a book of paper –

      new connections, branching out
   the umbrella of companionship –

                  it is not always about the larger-than-life 
       but the little things, 
               that create those monuments in
             our hearts



          rose-gold kisses over
              dewy skin, an arm full of
          energy and fluff
                 but the most stunning moment
   is the breathing on the other line
                  cohesively moving into my lungs
           and when I say that
                  the best part of my day is you
               it’s because it starts and ends
      with the lines that cross
            between you and I



        tiny panthers, little lion
     jaguar kittens wound around
               the ankles of endearing smiles
            and the purrs of contentedness
      from both cat and human



          there is no greater wall
          nor tree of life,
          than the labor used to build –
          than the fruit that is borne –
    from the hands and hearts
        that have come together in my world
                    to call themselves friends



        we live on a set of scales
                that can be judged by only those
          who use them, live them
                      the way we tip them
              is purely by outlook,
                     but sometimes by circumstance

          but they are, in the opinion of the heart,
     the greatest odds ever taken



   a writer’s love can be explained away
        until eternity settles itself in
    but I have found that the most wonderful things
           that a writer can have are

      an elegant book
           a reliable pen
              a mind full of life
                 a circle full of inspiration



         there is a beginning, and we all walk through
   those gate at any given time
                 what could have been a passing glance
           turned to be something more than that

         we reap what we sow, and
you are a wonderful gift
        full of sunlight and delight;
               and it reminds me that
       there is never any harm
               in saying hello
        in offering a kind word
                        in a world of maybes



          iron covers and soft whites
      dented and creamy,
                thrown or shaped
          a twisting art form
     that we don’t watch as often
               as we used to



           prowling whiskers, padded thumps
     a progression of music
            enfolded into one room
                   dead of night
      brushed away in the morning
           by arms encircling 
                    the same way the sun
              hugs the earth



    in every word, there is a history
      and with every history is a victor
 but the victor is not always the winner
              and sometimes it is never revealed

        so what is, in fact
            a story,
  if the truth is interpretive
                potentially non-tangible

    but what if it all is –

             the greatest debate 
     a creative mind can have 
           from one peer to another

    is if it is building a better story
            or a better understanding of 
        the story within a person



        the teeter of precarious thoughts
                on the brink of the
            fat lady singing;

         don’t rest, you’re as close as
                you could be to all that you see

     and, and, and –

                            and the stillness that lies in your fingers
                      is evidence that we can all love a little more
                            we can all give a little more
                             we can care a little more,
                   and in turn,
                                           we grow together,
                             just a little longer.

Previously posted on my inactive DeviantArt account, here is the original premise of this piece:


You beautiful humans, it’s finally done. 

All the things you gave to me once upon a time during the February/March Writing Project – You! [CLOSED] journal, is complete. Thank you for your patience ;;w;; I did it a little differently this time in keeping a short version of the person’s username in the actual piece, worked better for reference on my end o(-<

I hope you enjoy reading this, and thank you again for the wonderful turnout. Community projects like this are one of my favourite things to do on dA. 


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