f5 output experiment

        refresh, refresh –
    dialed into what we thought
             was the beginning of the system
        checked the state of mind
       and we did not pass inspection;

     do we reboot and refurb
        can the parts be spared for us?
      what breaks down the internet
          is the human touch


shored across the same boards
   hinting at the potential
highlighting the exponential
        a brave face for the long haul

we reconnected ourselves to the lights in the skies
    the milkiest way to bring back the
waves of connection
   dystopia is as nonplussed 
  as the skyline we forged in both
          mountains and molecules

lucid articulation

                 hau nt me
         I cannot feel
                            pilot the path
                      with my heart so cold
             a cleansing
                   pushed me over the grave

                  hau nt m e
           I cannot see
                               what essence is left
                      brought down chagrin
            a reckoning
                        rent from the vestibules of –

                  h a unt m  e 
          I am not anything
                                 come for me
                        like wolves at prey
                            cherish it –

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