beryl inhale

pure verdant thirst,
it arches over lips
and hurts; i spoke out
of my teeth while you
were searching for some
vocabulary left

staggered into sentences
pressed against my throat
i waited to hear
what your tongue had to say

rifts and chasms cautioned
barriers unguarded
my mouth pried open
is closure to the distance
between insistence
between our difference
appraised so different

sharp tip pressed to cheek
slits, parting secrets from
hydrostats run dry.
choked to a high
unheard, i despise the urge
but desire proof.

unveil your secrets
lay waste to the hearsay
and open the folders
marked fragile.
tinted eyes make
for inquisitive smiles

Don’t hold your tongue
Don’t hold temptation
Don’t hold the animal inside
And make me climb a higher rung, love
To admit my resignation, love
So you can quickly turn the tide, love

quizzical, beguiling, and
mired to the roof
of a mouth two-sheets to
let us lose inhibition
and choose to exist
in a world where one sheet
will do.

Collab between myself, gliitchlord, and Ime @ Twitter (
May 1, 2019

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