please register when ready

 gl-glitched into my web
       transfer-able screen time    //    don’t touch the overdrive;

                [ “$COMMAND”=”system restart\n” ];

                  casting the net over ;
        the turn of phrase,          copy and paste
                          nature found in coding but
                  self-sufficiency took a hit
t-take control, take my hand —

* emergency_restart – reboot the system

                data shared is memory enhanced
        a mega byte into your chest
                                    [ void emergency_restart(void) ];
                smooth thrum blistering
                    the nano-bytes that coordinated
   with the th-thrill of the chase

            #Must Access this to continue.
def main():
   while True:
       UserName = input (“Enter Username: “)
       PassWord = input (“Enter Password: “)

                     please register at your nearest terminal
                     we will call your heart when ready

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