dominus tecum

hymns of the faithful, and those with long memories
    turn their faces skyward
        as the ash of an almost-millennia
  touches down in a gentle sorrow

        Ave Maria, gratia plena
   bless the people who answered the call
             risked life and love to save it all
         let the church bells ring
            as they still stand tall -

  the hearts of the world reached out
       fingertips on point zero of the french heart
    and though we weep alongside you
           history will rise like the phoenix,
         as history is wont to do -

            so keep faith,
             hold hope,
                    Dominus tecum

Originally written in tribute of the Notre Dame Apr 16, 2019. Original author’s notes below.

Watching the Notre Dame in flames yesterday was one of the most spiritually heartrending things I’ve ever watched. You do not need to believe in God to feel something over such a large and exquisite piece of history going up in flames, and I tell you – I felt a lot of things yesterday. I’ve been following the news, and for the most part, I’ve seen nothing but good people and info: the majority (if not all) of the artwork/statues/artifacts have been saved thanks to the brave emergency responders on scene, and that both the towers and main structure are ‘safe’, though there are still structural risks. 

There is good and hope from this, but I really just wanted to get my initial feelings down while watching it unfold.

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