ARC Review: The Good Lie by A.R. Torre

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C.W.: rape, kidnapping, brutality

The Good Lie by A.R. Torre


The Good Lie is suspenseful and spine-chilling, and a perfect epitome of what a mystery-thriller ought to be. It keeps the reader at the edge of their seat, giving little away from the brilliant mystery that builds up piece by piece, and unveils it in the end, through an intelligent plot and writing by A.R. Torre.

For me, as a reader, a perfect mystery-thriller must have the following aspects: early foreshadowing that doesn’t give away any secrets, unpredictability, complexity of the ‘main plot mystery’ and a unique way to deliver the climax. This thriller fulfilled all those requirements, along with having complex and morally grey main characters who are still easy to vouch for and a perfect length, which means that it will be easy for readers to finish it in one sitting.


Dr. Gwen Moore…

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