Our Communities: Wedding Reception at Droombos

The Shy Voyager

Windhoek Beauty

Windhoek is a stunning city! Though I’ve never been one for arid climates, the brown beauty of this land is growing on me. In addition, this small city has a few corners where lush foliage can be found, and Droombos is one such place.

Droombos Venue, The Black Barn

Droombos à l’extérieur

On the 31st of August, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding reception at the newly opened Droombos (https://www.droombosvenue.com/). The venue is located at the periphery of the city, on your way to the international airport. Curious as to what to expect of the venue, I paid its website a visit and I happily noted that there was a lot of greenery (by Namibian standards).

However, on the day of the reception as we were driving towards the venue, all we could see was the usual dry veld…

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