Sugar, spice and all other things nice…

The Untamed Afterthought

These were the ingredients needed to make the PowerPuff Girls.

Does that take you back a little? To carefree childhood days before the world had to impress its ideas on us?

Because we will be celebrating International Women’s Day tomorrow, its certainly in order to drop a few thoughts on Sugar, Spice and all other things nice…

Which do include, but are in no way limited to; legos and dolls, trucks and princess carriages, overalls and ball gowns, ponytails and bald heads, makeup and makeup free faces, soft voices and husky tones,smooth fingers and calloused hands, office hours and stay-at-home opportunities, STEM books and video games, athletic inclinations and fashion divas, moody days and high moments,pleasant squeals and secret-not-so-secret crying sessions,doubts and confidence, conspiracies and rom-coms, late nights and early mornings, clinging fiercely to your independence or hoping desperately…

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