iv. spelling or learning to spell?

  school had been an experience
       one she wasn’t content to readily share
              her brothers could not see eye to magic;
         while she enjoyed tombstones, they practiced formulas,
   though both required math –

         tight in her chest and aching in her feet
   her lunch was spent in the treetops,
            watching as children fought on the swings
         she was bemused; such short spans to spend in rage
              what was the purpose of such things?

       the youngest once said –
           to live forever was to live like a firecracker
        exciting, but fleeting – and then wet in a puddle
                she wondered what stage she was at,
              or if the fuse had been lit yet

       she did, however, consent to one memory
              fondly shared with whomever asked

              the day she taught her brothers how to correctly spell

Prompt: Spell

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