vi. metaphorical drooling

    she ebbed between worlds when she took her hand
               soft kisses of her cheek, crescent eyes and tailored smiles
      it was the first time she had loved life more than the after
         and it was thrilling to feel alive!

              she told her lover what it was to dance in the moonlight
       traded stories about the sun gilding her hair
                           poured stars into her mind
                    filled her, cup runneth over
                        with the want to have it all, and none

           Ysolde followed her to the ends of the earth,
                  her raven hair a blanket of protection
             aromatic balsam to her mind’s eye
                     in desperate need of a good cleansing

      she knew now why she had spurned the men
              she knew now why she had a distaste of the heady
         her raven lover was more than any mortal
               there was eternity in her bones

Prompt: Drooling

Author’s Note:
Decided to be a bit lighter in this one – Ysolde isn’t all tombstones and dead cats, lol.

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