vii. existential awakening

close the curtains, raven girl,
               set the sun back a day or nine
            let the dead sleep, where are you manners?

   the grumpy slumping of a necromancer resulted in black coffee
           pancakes and strawberries
                  while the skeletal cat clicked around their heels
       a glutton for food, unlike her master

         it was odd to not be alone with her thoughts
               a sensation that followed her through the house
           like the cat they had dug up;
                   though she spent many hours in the church yet –

     she had been used to the quiet tired of sermons
            of listless bodies wondering if they would see their gods,
      but this was like a lemon drop in the heart of a bowl of water
             awake and turning with new sensations,

                            there was new laughter, a special effect
                    gardens of whosits and gnomes, vines of the spectacular variety
             sunshine took on a new meaning, her cobwebs now held flies
                    her spiders were more than decoration

          she was exhausted with the tidal wave of entities,
                      the barrage of rays, covers covering giggles
                   smokey bacon and overturned pillow fights
                                       in the midst of her death combs
                                  but there was nothing that would please her more than this

Prompt: Exhausted

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