x. she could stem the memories, for a while

     the autumn had always been her favourite season,
                          as a child, crimson colours and falling foliage
                    had felt like a red carpet into the next world

              and as she grew older, she would weave maple leaves
        into the raven haired girl, announcing she was Persephone,
                     cackling as she berated Hades

      time flowed like water, akin to the stream she sat by to fish
             the essence of calm kept the world peaceful
                in her times of strife,
                             and when she hid away in her lake
               her raven girl would leave flower trails leading home

                                  wasn’t Hades supposed to be the one who kidnapped you?
who said Persephone wasn’t willing?

               it had been a long time since she had lived among the dead
                           is this what faith felt like?

Prompt: Flowing

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