xii. a terrible comparison made her go

       her best friend lived in the edges of the forest, cliff-side to the waters
                  she hid in his attic for three nights
                             enticed from her tomb eventually by tea and biscuits

       they spoke of little, preferring the silence and the whale song
                        he would disappear for hours into the woods
                 while she wrote letters to no one and soaked paper in tea
                         dream catchers sat on the borrowed dresser
          shells and smooth stones lay in the framework

                                    she felt like she was losing herself
                             with no energy to get her back from that place

        an evening of a silent storm
              the witch of the wilds brought her to a stony beach
                        and they spent the evening before a roaring fire
            sharing spells and songs until he tossed a bag at her

you’re too alive to be sat here alone
       but aren’t you here too, she wondered
                    he told her she wasn’t up for solitude
she’s waiting for you, don’t be like your mother

      she didn’t know if being compared to that Babylon woman
            or the fact that she was, in fact, being waited for
                         was what made her go

              but she did hear the witch of the wilds chuckle
      as she took her dream catchers with her

Prompt: Whale

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