xv. flowers in her hair, demons in her mind

    she awoke one night, drenched to the nines
            and hugged her knees tight, the covers loose
      it was happening again no not again

               darkness enfolded her in her arms,
     and she shook like a leaf while the wind howled outside
               they went downstairs, the cat waiting in the window
         mugs of tea were soon steaming between their fingers

it’s him, it’s always about him
          she didn’t remember telling the raven girl that she was scared
       that she still grieved for her family
               that she hated her mother more than she cared about herself

      and the priest, that damnable priest –
              the raven girl would hug her,
         kiss the top of her head
          and whisper in her ear;

you are not alone anymore

Prompt: Weak

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