The Sea Witch’s Diary II


The Celebration of Svetovid on Rügen (1912), by Alphonse MuchaThe Slav Epic

The lore of Svetovid doesn’t seem very extensive from what I’ve come across. He’s thought to be a pan-Slavic version of Perun, and has a great many names that he goes by: Swiatowit, Beli Vid, Zvantevith, to name a few. He is often described and portrayed as having four heads, two in the front and two in the back, that represented either the cardinal points or the four seasons. White stallions and the horn of abundance are also associated to Svetovid, as well as the sun.

In my spheres of influence and life, I have a great number of Aries and Tauruses that are very close to me. I grew up and have lived with these two signs my entire life, and as a Scorpio to the truest sense, I can tell you that being around stubborn and focused people has had its ups and downs. Hindsight is telling me that this shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, but I really wasn’t expecting Svetovid to reach out to me.

Of all my deities, Svetovid is the most enigmatic. We spoke the first time near the end of a long pendulum session. I was tired and getting ready to close off the connection, but every time I did, I had this nagging feeling that I was missing something. So I gathered myself up and did one more call out, and this lad reached out. It was tricky figuring out who he was at first. He would give me indirect clues and flashes of images of war, spears, bloodied grounds that looked like the Highlands. Svetovid wasn’t demanding or angry with how long it took me to figure him out, though I got the feeling he was gently irritated, and that’s the only way I know how to describe that.

While Svetovid and I have not had a chance to converse properly since our first meeting, I feel him always, and most especially when something perks him up. He watches my back, but only for the things that could really fuck me up. Minor scuffles and annoyances are not of interest to Svetovid, and that’s just fine. If I were to describe his presence

Thus far, I’ve added a figurine of Svetovid to my altar, as well as offered my knife (not an athame) in his name. I bought the figurine from TheSlavicWay on Etsy! Great product, quick shipping, and well made. I’m looking forward to adding more for him to my altar soon – I will share when it’s complete 🙂

Figurine of Svetovid on a Sun base.

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