xxiv. a blessing in a guise

   it wasn’t so much the summoning circle that irked her
                but more the clanging of the iron stake around her neck –
it’s not for him, it’s for his neighbors
                explaining away the raised eyebrows –

     the raincoat staved off the rain but not the cold,
       but today it didn’t bother her
                as the life before her was renewed
                and she sat eye to eye with the patriarch once more

hey dad

   he wasn’t surprised so much as curious
        understandably worried
                arguably calm
              childishly excited?

I never wanted this for you
               you were to be happy, not ravenous –
                       at least tell me that she makes you happy?

          she often forgot the dead knew everything
            if the bond is strong enough –
I am alive

                  it was enough;
           he seemed pleased, and gave her his blessing
             and she knew that going forward,
                       she could leave everything else behind –

                      just loose ends now

Prompt: Chop

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