xxvii. just a young gun

     okay, perhaps the wind was a little too strong
        but it wouldn’t matter in the end
               as long as she didn’t get too lost

            galoshes up to her knees
              covered in nature up to her calves
        a witch’s work was never done, it seems

                 her marker was barely seen
             by the naked eye, but as she walked by
                       it yelled her name
won’t be using that spell again –

                           she hoped it had been long enough
                    deep enough
                       strong enough
            she wanted nothing less for the one who had kept her
                        alive enough
                           vibrant enough
                    loving enough;

            thunder’s percussion was enough for her heart to bear
         as she found the stones she had entrusted to the earth
                     and her stomach relaxed as her hands pulled up
                the beginning of a new life

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