a long way down

She asked me to, while you were asleep
Waited with tearful eyes until I awoke to her calls
And I cannot deny my faithful
When they come so willingly
You had never made her scream before;

She wanted me to, while you were away
Offered herself upon my altar
She was paltry and universal
Tendrils of hair lay in my lap,
Oh how she wandered my fields with awe

I would keep that wonder for myself

She needed me to, to discard the emptiness you had left
Tucked away in the cage you had thrown away the key to
My dear, I would gladly grant your wish,
While she clamors into my lap,
I sink you to the beds below;
Do say hello to my nephew when you reach hell.

This is part 5 of 5 in a collaboration done with my dear friend, gliitchlord, circa 2018.

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