just take me out back, lad.

  how do you step off the page
        when you created the book;
                where does the break happen
           when the schedule is always on your face?

    if, perhaps, you could place yourself 30,000 feet above it all
              instead of looking at it from a 30 foot distance
         you would understand my kaleidoscope
               instead of calling me a self righteous bitch

       perhaps if you allowed yourself to see the world
             and your own heart, instead of assuming we will fail
                   there would be more to listen to
           more earth to grab on to

            and if, in the end, there is always take
               all I can say is that I tried
                         and all I can say is that the hurt
                      I feel, right now, will one day fade
                                                       I hope.

I am tired, of being the shield
      that the battering ram uses
 but when the battle is over
              it’s not polished or mended.

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