the miner left the cage door open again

a husk, a husk
       a cyanide citrus seed, emptied into my eyes
     I’ll be spitting poison for weeks, goddamn you Reverend Mother
                         I have walked another circle in the crop
                   tide over a beggar for the night
                            sipped black honey still the stars were in my mouth
                                     and not my heart
                 super novacaine indentured throughout my jaw
                       it’s how I live my life until I find the right wrench
             to pry my thoughts apart, care less about love and more about life
                               a paperback novel on my coffee table
                      my name screamed all over it
                            and still the siesta careened down
                                   passing the canary in the tunnel
                   if there is one thing I have learned,
                             it is to never trust a miner.

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