an untitled life

Q: Dear Abby, Is it proper for women to be learned?

remember in the old days, when women had no voice
their chords shut tight, the hand of the man choking her
what ever happened to good, old fashioned duels
the ones in books that were forbidden;
chivalry was never dead, he always held the door to her coffin open first
“after you, milady” –

can’t say I remember the old days,
but there was once someone who gave away rights like candy
and they didn’t even believe in halloween;
I would say in between the slaughtering of good people
and the emancipation of a country,
that a woman who can read is bound to profit a soul, not her own
before being turned down for the night, the endless night,
so don’t forget to leave the lamp on
while I study this chart on female anatomy,
can’t have anyone knowing you can think for yourself, you know?

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