brittle nobility

  hail to the king
burn the witch
        long live our destiny
burn the witch

           I see the devil’s bleeding crown
      and wish it was raining down, but we’re in rivers
              rivers of sin, praise be to me
         don’t look back, we’re in too deep

       breaking bones, shattered skulls
           oh how it burns to be alive
                oh how it burns to be the thick of it all
            run with me, if you want to
               keep up, because you don’t want to be left behind
        in what has been following me

          hail to the king,
                  love and live in the depths of the mountains
              you tried the stake and the flame
                        only to be met with water and snowstorms
                 bring your best men, you will not live past the dawn
hail to the queen, long live the witch queen

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