dear concept

dear concept,

             you marvelous little idea, you thrive in so many ways
             entering the portals of hands and arriving in the landscapes of minds
             whatever did you do with the drapes, they’re mismatched and tattered?
             didn’t we say if you needed a hand, just let us know?

             but that’s not why I wrote; it is long overdue, but I just needed to say
             thank you
             for teaching the right ways of conduct, of course!
             never have I driven to a conclusion so quickly without backup,
             never have I pointed a finger without knowledge so fast,
             but where would I be without the intellectual conversation of anger?

             it was too much for you to deliver the promise of a life,
             and hand over a barely concealed lie,
             but such are promises and life, no?
             the tenants before I loved this house much more than I had ever could
             but here I am, hoping I will do it justice.

             please don’t write, I will write you.
             I owe you money, but I’m unsure why – you said it was square,
             but your sister said it was triple? please clarify.


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