the pariah’s wound

catastrophic conduit, assemblage in lilac
          never had I brooded so fiercely over nothing
     elixirs I have not drank wishing for more, more

           don’t you d a r e scream for my heart
      when you disrespect my lungs
           each and every laugh imbued with the love and hatred
                        of too many generations left alive
                   (and too many left for dead)

    the least I could do was let the sun revive your bones
                    the most I could do was let your teeth crumble         
               the consequences of my almost actions ring in my hands
       and I have to pull back to keep it from falling apart

                     the good in me is the good in you,
             but the hell in me resonates in you
                           chipped china in a charity shop
                    leave it all on the shelf when the storm comes
          all I want to hear is my world shattering.

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