knit one, pearl two

there is a science to knitting,
      much like bone
                and if you are a beginner, we can learn together
       I was a weaver in a past life
          a seer in a past life

                      and we wove stars together,
              broke hearts together,
                               started wars together

       and when Rome came crashing down
                      I saved the ashes to build anew with you
            and when the Nile came rushing inwards
                         we sailed the banks and navigated the torrents

     the astronomical repercussions of us meeting
            are ones I care not to indulge myself in
                           we are the cluster stitchers, not fate
     I follow no path but the one we blaze

      and in the case of two times ten,
            I would say you are a million and one
      and the echo of my mistakes
                      will, with hope, keep you from coming undone

         when we reach the emerald hills
                     far into the west
         I hope the second sun touches your cheeks
                        and you are reminded of the flare that began it all

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