the assassin’s artistry

abyss abyss, I can feel the shadowing abyss
  we play the imitation game so well
          dance the dance, you taught me and I never fell
     a survivor is born every day, but the night is always young
 and we play the imitation game so well,
                  each step so careful, a delicate foot on each rung

      two hundred years of moving forward,
but we cannot stop now
          no, don’t just try to avert – just plow!
     one two three, one two three
             we turn like a ballerina,
                          ah, the days of basic training
                   thrown into the icy waters of the marina

        tiptoe now, the little spider can see you
     we play the imitation game too well
               and I have forgotten whose side you are on
        until the black curtain falls behind us
                    and I am the one with the knife in your back

            keep going, keep moving
        your waltz is nowhere near mine
              my dear partner lost to crime
                          I’ll surrender your body with mine
                   if only they catch me crossing the line

Was listening to the Imitation Game, inspiration abound.

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