six ways, seven

        betrothed to the frozen rain and in love with the empty skies
             six ways ’til dawn, you never caught your sleep
    and each inch taken was another mile lost
                        tiptoed around the tulips, loathe to disturb peace
                 even as the clouds held back their thunder for you

             five ways ’til twilight, and you stood behind me
                        a fight to the empty abyss
                 but we always stood together
                                a cornucopia of risen memories
                          bubbling to the surface

       four ways ’til dusk, holding out like a shark at the table
                oh the trouble that held back your hair
                        did you even get her name?
                  twisted turns and straight narrows
                              the map to you was never an easy road to follow

                three ways ’til the morning, and it was always worth it
        tenfold when you had coffee on the wooden stairs ready
                         tornado warnings gave you that old gleam again
                    your heart was longing for war,
                                        the peace you fought for was never enough

               two ways ’til the light, and you held your sword once more
      shining like the Round Table, but filled to the brim with sin
                          the preacher hoarse will recompense for you
                    even as you cut down the masses that pray to no one

          one way ’til the darkness, and you stood behind me
                          our candle flickering like your heart
                    burning like my eyes, filled with coarse smoke
                                      what labyrinth had we created
                        a picture-perfect conclusion to the turmoil and saintly
                               never long for this world, always grasping at eternity

            zero dawn for the holy, breaking ground for hell,
                         tear the rift at its seams and unleash your hounds
                     hear the roar of the earth and then,
                                        it will be enough.

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