smashed tea.

    sometimes, we are not the correct fit
                      for another human being
           and sometimes, we are beleaguered.

                      there are people in the world that are too angry
                                                              too hurt
                                                            too scared

        and sometimes you need the propinquity to want to move on
                                             and it was this that I forgot
                                         and it was this that I was burned

        it does not mean you are broken
        it does not mean either are
                                       it simply means
                                       we must move on

        and I wish there wasn’t blame.
        and I had hoped there would be mercy.
        but no quarter would be given, flayed two days
                                       left afloat and unarmed
                                       the captain calling, ‘let go!’
                                       and I didn’t know how –

                                       but sometimes we are not the right person
                                       and sometimes it’s just a bad fit.
                                       but sometimes we can help people
                                       and that makes it all worth it.

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