be angry, for that is what moves.

be desperate for your home —
how can you watch, resting on your laurels
only giving what makes others feel better
about themselves

this is a war on war;
while the ground is buried and people
are on fire,
swathes of humanity all want to act
but when will it be time
to take action instead
of giving thoughts and prayers?

a hole in the sky
in the ground
through the trees,
a catalyst of what is yet to come
and the few that want to mend it
always feel like it is still far too few.

woe unto the creature
that became greedy and gave us coin
woe unto the creature
that stood still while the world collapsed
woe unto us
for we sit and watch while
the uneducated elders deem us
lazy, unworthy, not as enlightened as the past

the past is broken,
mired in the hate of skin colour
and lineage
and who held the most coin,
when coin is the least of nature’s issues
with us all.

when the guardians that swore to protect us,
the peacekeepers and governance
fail, turn a blind eye, are too scared to act,
who will rise and set them straight?
who will say no, it is time to save all

while the some of us cry foul,
the newsfeed tells us where we are losing,
could someone share if we’re succeeding too?
or are those words too many,
and without enough voices?

an eye for an eye once worked,
for a time,
when the snow was universal and
the hostility was for the apex

so far grown has this wall been conquered
and yet we want to raise more,
watch as humanity murders itself,
one car bomb
one mass murder
one shooting
one treason
one war
at a time.

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