the pen and the sword

      betwixt the eye of the storm and the shorelines of paradise
                      the sand of a thousand dreams gently casts its net
                 its caster fixed with a golden crown of hopes
                                 and none of these are unreachable,
                                     and none of these are lies,

 what was once a wall is now a lean-to
                 it is not difficult to overcome,
                        but rather making the decision to do so
            thrice the lines have made themselves known
                    don’t leave them calling back

                                           your queen may praise the laws of the land
                                      whilst your enemies are blind in the dark
                           but heaven forbid you forget where your allies lie
                                               where your heart resides
                                           where your hearth can be found

                        the world may make itself
                                    but it does not make the man
                                and those rules are set only by pen
                                                and sometimes by slender blade,
                                          but always by the wielder.

Originally written in 2017, as a birthday gift for my dear friend Slendy.

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