binding the white witch

      dressed in salt water
       blessed in the sacrament
                    of the white witch –

                   she pours herself into me
        he gives himself to me,

                      possessive, undulating
                  took me over, but I gave in willingly

            dark magics in my arteries
                soul in my throat
                             lust in hand

          tasting steel and heady want
            no, I cannot stop –
            no, I cannot without you,

                        bruises and hard tongues
                    grazing touch, no I’m not asking
                                      no, you’re not telling

                            choking the name that veils me
                       drowning is so delicious
                             when the ocean wants you too

                      overpowering me, desperate and needy
                             won’t admit it in the midst of things
                                         but your stutter is a beacon
                                 that I will follow

                      skirt ripped, shirt decimated
                                inhuman and impressive
                              but also incredibly provocative
                                      like drinking tequila
                                       in the middle of a thunderstorm

possess me
                                             and I will be your demon.

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