the greeks v. poine

        I wallow in the scripts of those who thirst for justice;
                give to me your broken hearts, your adulterous partners
                              a birth of karma in a tidal pool is exactly what they need:

          the salacious rumors of the solider’s life, his loyalty to his wife
                                           second to none –
                  his commander ousting him for a tryst in his quarters,
                      his wife’s cold eyes and icy touch, renouncing her ties
             the pale beauty he bedded suddenly caught with the black death.

no please, allow me –

         the unjust tales that linger around ale,
               his actress wife has copulated with the nation of Greece
                               with the love-bruises to prove it
                          she has no dignity, only cried mercy when she was dragged
                   down the stairs of the senator’s home.

no, I insist –

                           an emperor and his wife, a tale of two fortunes
                 but which is made of gold, while the other stews in black?

                                is it the restless hand of the emperor,
                        scattering touches of lust across the effeminate page he has wrangled
                                         frightened to say no, terrified to say yes;
                 or is it the jealous eyes of the empress,
                         swords running through the maid who glances at her young lover,
                     knowing she will be the one to bed him tonight,
                                        his seed made royalty unknowingly?

ah, if that is how you feel –

                   your pitiful cries and pleading,
             the salted tears of regret which come so soon every time
                                             if you have heard of my retribution,
                                         why do you tempt me so?
                             and now you lay before me, my mercy your only lifeline –
      it does no good to kill a sinner,
       I let you go into the streets, as naked as the gods,
                          a simple message inscribed into your skin
                   with the molten gold I do so love:

                       beware your actions, for I am always watching.

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